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What's Different About Custom Fireplaces & More?




What's different about Custom Fireplaces & More can be neatly summed up in just one word... PEOPLE! There are certainly many sources of hearth products these days, and like anything, quality ranges from high to low. However, even the highest quality products may not serve you well with beauty, safety and suitability for your needs that you expect and deserve, if they are chosen without full knowledge of the range of quality compared to other products in the same class and the various advantages and disadvantages. Even if you select a high quality product, should you someday need service, the warranty is only as good as the dealer who backs it. A dealer is only as good as the skills, experience, and integrity of its owners and employees.

So, when you want to be confident that you'll have all your questions answered accurately, and you'll be fully informed of all the pros and cons concerning a particular model before you buy, choose Custom Fireplaces as your fireplace supplier.


Have you ever been frustrated by a salesperson who lacks sufficient product knowledge or doesn't seem to care about taking the time or effort to explain the details you need to know to make the right choice? Who hasn't? When it comes to choosing a fireplace, you can hardly afford not to be well informed! When you visit Custom Fireplaces, you'll be refreshed by our in-depth knowledge of our products, and our educational, patient and caring approach to guiding you through the selection of the right hearth product or gas grill. We value all your questions. We want you, our customer, to be able to confidently choose the best fireplace, stove, gas log, or gas grill for your family's lifestyle.

Of course you expect a saleperson to tell you about the advantages to a particular product. But what may seem to be an advantage for one person can be a disadvantage for another! How many places have you shopped where you are frankly informed of any possible disadvantages for the use and goal you have in mind? WE WILL! WHY? We want you to be pleased with your purchase and with your experience with our company for years to come. We want you as our customer for life!


For sound advice you can trust: Fran and Bob Marengo (also known as "MA & PA FIREPLACE"), owners, invite you to call toll-free at 1-800-264-8181, or 526-8181 for local calls, or e-mail your questions. Better yet, come in for a no cost, no obligation, one-on-one consultation for help choosing the right hearth product or gas grill. If you are building a new home, just call or e-mail us and ask for free pre-construction planning. We'll be happy to help you sort through your priorities and select the features most important in the the hearth product which will best suit your family's needs.

  • We have broad product knowledge based on our 76 years of experience.
  • We are willing to take the time necessary to answer all your questions and explain the details.
  • We are dedicated to educating our customers and customers-to-be about the pros and cons of each product.
  • We offer our technical expertise to support the efforts of do-it-yourselfers.
  • We offer FREE pre-construction planning to help you lay out your space.
  • We offer FREE fireplace and hearth design service with purchase of fireplace or stove. Fran, our resident artist, can offer you creative design ideas and can bring these ideas to life for you with a sketch which is yours to keep.
  • We give you thorough, accurate advice on proper installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Our skilled, knowledgeable, "career" full-time installers will get the job done right. National Fireplace Institute Certified.
  • We are open Monday through Saturday 9:00AM - 5:PM and by appointment after normal business hours.



Our first store

built in 1986 entirely out of firewood and mortar

located in Jamestown, TN