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Baxter and the Putnam County Area



Have you been racking your brain trying to figure out.... What's the best gas fireplace... vented or ventless? Vented up or vented out? Open front or sealed glass? Designed for efficiency or designed for "looks"? How about woodburning... catalytic or non-catalytic? Masonry or pre-fab? The questions can be mind-boggling and the various answers you've received can be conflicting. 


When you have a fireplace or stove that has turned into your “problem child” – a pilot that keeps going out, a gas logset that smells, a wood fireplace or stove that smokes, won’t heat, has had a chimney fire, or has any other mystery problem no one else has yet been able to solve,  or even a water leak coming from your chimney, etc., etc., please call us.  We are not only happy to help, we are highly skilled troubleshooters who can diagnose your issue and come up with the solution. Servicing Baxter and the Putnam County Area We are the only fireplace company between Knoxville and Nashville to provide you with highly trained, servicemen and installers who are not only factory-trained, but are also NFI (National Fireplace Institute) Certified.  Having your installation or service work done by NFI Certified technicians is your best ticket to having the safest possible fireplace, stove, insert or gas log.  


Whether for new construction, or for a remodel project, when you are researching and planning to purchase a new fireplace, insert, stove or gas logset, in the Baxter and the Putnam County Area area and need explanations that make sense, along with sound, accurate fireplace advice you can trust, just ask us…"MA & PA FIREPLACE," Fran and Bob Marengo, owners of Custom Fireplaces & More in Cookeville, Tennessee. Call, e-mail, or best yet, if you live in Baxter and the Putnam County Area , we are just a quick 30 minute ride from Crossville, down the mountain to come visit with MA & PA in Cookeville. Custom Fireplaces is conveniently located 1 ½  miles from Exit 290 on I-40, on the left!

Bob and Fran Marengo - 'Ma and Pa Fireplace'


With 76 years of hearth industry experience between them, having both been former teachers, both Fran and Bob enjoy explaining the advantages (and any disadvantages) and the differences between the various fireplace products available.  What's unusual in today's business world is that Fran and Bob are willing to take all the time you need to help you sort through all your questions. Since 1981, Custom Fireplaces’ highly skilled and trained staff have supplied and installed literally many hundreds of fireplaces, stoves & inserts in Baxter and the Putnam County Area, including a major amount of the fireplaces installed into new homes built in beautiful Fairfield Glade.  


If you have ever attended many of the local areas annual Home Shows  you will have seen their exhibits.  Depending on weather, they will be found either indoors, exhibiting in a traditional “booth,” or outdoors, in their unique “Burn Trailer.” This mobile showroom features their attention grabbing Lopi woodstove which burns its own smoke as fuel to create heat, and it keeps their entire 4800 square foot showroom cozy without having any central heat,  plus 8 live burning gas fireplace and stove displays.   



Serving the Baxter and the Putnam County Areas fireplace needs since 1981 from their original location in Jamestown TN, and then from their Cookeville location since 1989, Custom Fireplaces' 4800 square foot showroom boasts many beautiful working displays, and a dazzling array of the finest gas and wood-burning fireplace products. Fran and Bob have combed the marketplace for the best of each class to offer you!   Plan to visit our trend-setting gallery of working fireplaces and stoves soon.  It’s just a short drive west on I-40, and well worth the drive.  A 3600 square feet adjoining addition already has many breath-taking working fireplace displays and the rest will be completed soon. 


Fireplaces displayed in our showroom



With caring, knowledgeable, NFI (National Fireplace Institute) certified and factory trained installers & servicemen, factory-direct pricing, sound advice from "MA & PA" and a reputation you can trust, Custom Fireplaces offers you the winning combination. So, whenever you need to know about fireplaces (or stoves, or chimneys), just go ask "MA & PA."  Rather than offering you yet another website that is not much more than a glorified catalog filled with glamour photos of the many hearth products we stock and special order, the focus of our website is on what we feel makes our company stand out from the crowd – our people, as well as information you will need to know to help you choose the best hearth product for your needs! What's different about Custom Fireplaces & More?