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FREE EDUCATIONAL Wood Stove Information Session

Slash High Heat Bills!

Wood Stove Information Session

Find out if today’s wood heat is right for you!

Call today to schedule a consultation!

Attend our individual consultation at no charge and discover how you can slash or even eliminate your heat bill with a new high-tech woodstove or fireplace insert. It’s cleaner, safer and more efficient than you can imagine - burns its own smoke and creosote for fuel! We have always heated our 4800 sq. ft. showroom this way and have no heat bill and no smoky smell! We’ll show you how!
Join our lively “heated discussion.” Our Q&A session will give you all the answers you need. Educational Only – you can leave your checkbook at home!

Hot Topics To Be Covered:

  • What’s better, catalytic or non-catalytic stoves?
  • Learn how easy, clean & convenient it is to heat with a wood stove or insert
  • How to safely install your new stove close to the wall!
  • Tricks for moving warmed air throughout your home
  • Learn how you can replace your gas fireplace with a high-tech wood fireplace
  • How much money can you realistically expect to save on heating costs?
  • How today’s woodstoves burn 1/2 the wood & make a fraction of the ash
  • Learn about the benefits of an outdoor wood furnace
  • Tips for making your stove a beautiful focal point as well as a smart heater