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Looking for heat this winter? Look no further!


By Fran Marengo

(As Published In House & Home News Magazine, July 2007) 

Even though it is hot right now, winter will be here before you know it! At Custom Fireplaces & More, we’re always finding great ways to help our customers stay warm and happy. Here are a few of our customers’ favorite stoves and fireplaces.

Lopi LibertyWoodstoves for large spaces: By far our most popular large woodstove for the last seven years is the Liberty, by Lopi. Our customers appreciate the Liberty’s fast start and super-clean burn, even when opening the door to load wood. Smoke does not come out into the room (thanks to the Liberty’s bypass damper). The glass stays clean and smoke can be seen burning (and making heat) as a blue-purple flame above the normal fire, while no smoke is visible coming from the chimney. We have favored this stove to heat our entire showroom, which was enlarged a few years ago to 3600 square feet. Since we have no central heat, it is an understatement to say we are pleased by this stove’s ability to keep our store toasty warm from closing time one day to opening time the next day, not to mention that we only emptied ashes three times last year. The Liberty consistently earns lots of “word-of-mouth” recommendations.

Majestic Extreme ViewCompact but powerful vented gas fireplace: The Extreme Series (XDV Series) by Majestic continues to be our most popular “furnace-rated” direct-vent gas fireplace. Moderately priced, with versatile choices of fronts and trim finishes, it offers extreme value in a fireplace rated up to 85% efficiency. It’s air-tight and sealed, so no fumes can seep into the room, and already heated room air cannot be pulled out the vent. Instead, it breathes all its air needed to feed the fire from the space between a double pipe, while the exhaust exits through the center pipe. Ceramic glass, which is the same material chosen to best conduct heat for a glass cooktop, covers the front and radiates a tremendous amount of heat, rather than the standard tempered glass.

Avalon Tree of Life StovePowerful, efficient vented gas stoves: Ever since Avalon’s Tree Of Life was introduced, this furnace-rated direct-vent gas stove has eclipsed sales of all our other vented gas stoves. Three sides are glass, so the fire can be enjoyed from all directions. Even when viewed from just a few inches away, this gas flame offers the most convincing “real wood fire” we’ve ever seen, with incredibly detailed logs, lots of glowing embers, and no visible wires or gas ports. Operable cast iron doors featuring a vine motif cause the sealed glass panel beneath to disappear. The two side fire-viewing windows repeat the vine motif. This all cast-iron stove will heat 1200 – 1500 square feet and is a comfortable fit in varied settings ranging from log homes to “dressy/casual” décor.

These are just a few of our many stove and fireplace possibilities that could be heating your home this winter.

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