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Sale Price: $1,899.00
Do you have a pretty but not practical fireplace in your mobile home that sends most all the heat right up the chimney? The Model 18 was disned specifically to fix your problem! The Model 18 is a highly efficient non-catalytic wood insert designed to fit safely into even the smallest pre-fab fireplaces typically found in mobile homes. Heats up to 1200 square feet, has up to a 7 hours burn time. Usually can fit where no other insert can. Only 17 7/8" tall. Our package includes the Buck cast collar, and built-in blower. If you live in a mobil home and want to slash your heat bill, this is something to get exited about, so call us right away! Only 3 left at this price!
Sale Price: $1,899.00
The Model 20 is a compact and unusually powerful insert for medium small to medium size homes up to 1800 square feet. Catalytic technology offers an extended burn time compared to non-catalytic inserts with same size firebox. One of the few inserts on the market with a standard ashpan (for easy cleanup and disposal of ash). Thermostatic, 3 speed Blower is factory-installed, includes insert panels and Buck Cast Collar, for easy connection to a new chimney liner from inside the insert. Only 1 available at this price- come check it out before it is gone!
Sale Price: $1,699.00
Model 21 fireplace insert package includes the standard insert panels and blower. Fits medium to medium small fireplaces, heats from 800 to 1400 square feet in our area. 1.6 cubic foot firebox. Insert position is adjustable to be flush with wall, or will adjust to set further out into the room to let you set small teapot on it for a humidifier, or for emergency cooking. Self cleaning glass, burns smoke and creosote for fuel!
Sale Price: $1,699.00
top/rear vent, w/ Queen Anne cast legs
The Model 261 with gold door is a non-catalytic woodstove that can be rear vented straight out. This stove is a problem solver for those needing to replace an old stove rear vented into a chimney thimble hole low to the floor. The 2.5 cubic foot firebox holds up to 21" wood. Mobile home approved. Rated by Buck to heat up to 1800 square ft. (We feel their rating is understated for our climate and that it can easily heat several hundred more square feet.) Includes Queen Anne legs and moveable collar (rear or top). 78.9% efficiency! The gold door does not need constanst polishing as does solid brass. Hurry, only 1 left at this price! A rear vented, heavy-duty boiler plate steel stove is as about as rare as hen's teeth in today's marketplace.
Sale Price: SOLD
no blower, with legs
The Model 74 is a powerful non-catalytic wood burning stove or insert that can heat up to 2600 square feet. The 74 delivers heavy-duty heating performance and is available as an insert for either masonry or pre-fab fireplaces. This sale price is for our floor model currently set up as a stove, including the Queen Anne cast iron legs. Come see it today- your home will be as warm as you want and high heat bills will become a thing of the past!
Sale Price: $2,799.00
Hurry LAST ONE at this price!  SURPRISE! With the Model 74ZC, you no longer need to first have a fully working wood fireplace to install an insert into! The 74ZC starts out as simply as the Model 74, with a black door, which is then factory installed into a protective "zero-clearance" insulated cabinet that allows it to be set into fast & simple wood framing. Add an insulated stainless steel chimney pipe system, and rock, slate, or tile veneer and a mantel, and you will have an amazing fireplace which is super-efficient and powerful enough to heat up to 2600 square feet, with up to a 10 hour burn time! Perfect for achieving the same performance of the Model 74 stove, but with the look of a beautiful built-in, flush fireplace. The main thing is you can have an efficient fireplace without going through the hassle and expense of building a traditional masonry fireplace, complete with mantel with Christmas stockings for next winter. Perfect for adding a real woodburnng fireplace to an existing home! Hurry! Only 2 available and they won't last long at this price! Call and ask for Fran for full details.
Sale Price: $2,099.00
Our Model 80 catalytic wood stove is ideal for heating most mid-size homes up to 2600 square feet . Versatile installation capabilities - we have priced the Model 80 as an insert, but it is also able to be installed as a freestanding stove, with Queen Ann cast legs and 8" Buck Cast stovepipe collar included for an additional $249.95. With a 2.6 cubic foot firebox, the Model 80 rates among the roomiest in its class. The firebox can accept up to 22" firewood (loaded side to side) for an easy overnight burn to keep you and your family warm all night. The "Hot Shot" quick fire-starting feature is built-in to the Buck 80 for re-starting your fire quickly & easily in the morning.
Sale Price: $2,199.00
The Model 81, priced as an insert with standard insert panel kit included, offers an attractive three-sided Bay-View front, and it's a great choice for heating mid to larger homes up to 2700 square feet. Standard features include durable non-catalytic technology, factory installed variable speed thermostatic blower, removable ashpan, and glass door with air-wash system, and "Hot Shot" air system that creates a super-heated jet of extremely hot air to start a fire really fast. For a 24 caret plated gold door that does not need constant polishing, as does solid brass, add $250.00. For the Model 81 free-standing stove with Queen Ann cast legs and 6" cast Buck stovepipe collar, add $249.95. Woo Hoo! 78% efficiency means you will use a LOT LESS WOOD! If you want the gold door, HURRY IN! Only one with a gold door, and one with a black door left a this price!
Sale Price: $2,099.00
The Buck 85 is a non-catalytic insert (can also be purchased as a stove) in a nutshell, is basically the exact same thing as the Buck 81, except it does not have the small side bay windows. Instead the front is flat and it has a single black trimmed glass door. Other than that, it is the same, but runs $100 less. (See the Buck 81 for more details.) Only 1 Buck 85 available at this price, hurry in or it will be gone! Remember, long-term layaways are availlable, as is 6 months same-as cash on this sale to help you lock in your sale price!
Sale Price: $2,999.00
The Model 91 catalytic insert with a black front is our most popular selling really large wood insert. The extra deep Buck 91 easily accepts 21" logs loaded straight in, front to back, and easily heats up to 3200 square feet, more if really well insulated. Includes factory installed 3 speed, thermostatic front accessible blower, pull-out ash tray, and oversized, self cleaning glass door. Extremely high efficiency - rated at an astonishing 86%! For optional Pewter door, add $200.00. Set up as a freestanding stove with Queen Anne cast iron legs and "Buck stovepipe collar, add $249.95. We have used this model ourselves for 6 years, set up on stylish Queen Anne cast iron legs as a freestanding stove, to heat our huge showroom! Extremely long burn time with easy fire-starting with built-in "hot-shot" air tunnel that blasts a jet of super-heated air right at the base of the fire for the easiest and fastest fire-starting ever. Super heavy-duty construction.
Sale Price: $1,399.00
freestanding woodstove, no blower
This Buck 21 freestanding stove comes with a built-in "ash-pan pedestal" for easy clean-up. Its 1.6 cu. ft. firebox can easily heat homes up to 1400 square feet in our area. The large flat top is great for cooking, and self-cleaning ceramic glass offers crystal clear fire viewing.
Sale Price: $599.00
This is a simple "shop stove" only. Not intended to be a primary heater inside a home. Very simple low cost design, does not offer an overnight burn time. Only one left - hurry in and grab it if you want it! Only $599.00 on this sale!